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Original Startups, Original Guild, and Genuine Leaders

Original Startups, Original Guild, and Genuine Leaders

Elecomp Star is the result of combining the three vital elements of the IT market: original startups, original guild, and genuine leaders.
The genuine startups are part of this hawkish market that has really chosen a risky way of relying on technology for the livelihoods. Many, far from the usual sounds of these days, quietly came to the largest gathering of startups in Iran to feel the breath of the market, fine customer, and, not to mention, in these hot days, a nibble of a larger family will stroke their cheeks.
That’s why you find at STARTS more than 30% of startups from provinces other than the capital. From e-commerce to home service, from fintechs to caterers in the busy halls.
When we speak of a genuine Guild. It is a more meaningful concept than Iran’s ICT Guild organization. Although the organizer on the event, it has been a shelter for all those market developers who, in the form of any association and union, are trying to carry the flag and the cross of Iranian startups.
The organization, with all its roots and perspectives, has come to the fore in the last four years with the consent of a group of founders that the tree trunk should be based on these new blooms, and this way each hand will be squeezed.
The leaders of the technology market in Iran, both public and private, are those who have found that today, in the midst of an economics storm and social turmoil of these young people, these startups are those who have chosen to stay in Iran, build something and fight for its survival.
So, what suits and t-shirts and jeans are worthy of reverence, admiration, and affection. Real Stars of Today’s Young Fighters and tomorrow’s Powerful Managers. You are your real satrs.

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